Assessment Policy

River Murray Training provides competency-based assessment, and seeks evidence of competency from a range of sources. Opportunities are provided for students to be involved in negotiating the evidence that they provide for assessment. It may come from:

  • structured activities undertaken in a learning and assessment pathway
  • recognizing prior learning and experience
  • evidence gathered as part of regular work undertaken by the student
  • evidence gathered from negotiated projects undertaken by the student in a workplace; or other simulated work environment.

RMT makes reasonable adjustments to assessment where it can, to accommodate the needs of individual students.

If a person is found to be “not yet competent”, then the assessor provides written advice on how the person can address their skill and knowledge gaps. The student will be provided with a second attempt at gaining competency. If that assessment outcome is “not yet competent” then the recommendation to the student will be to re-enrol in that unit and undertake the course of study.

If the Student is dissatisfied with the assessment outcome, they should within 7 days of receiving the assessment outcome, discuss their concerns with their Assessor. If not satisfied, then:

  1. Place an appeal in writing to the RMT Manager explaining your reasons
  2. The RMT Accountable Officer will review the assessment process and evidence provided and provide a written response to the appeal to the student
  3. If the student is still not satisfied, the student may request another assessment, by a second assessor. That assessment decision will be accepted as final and no further appeal may be entered into.

Students may follow River Murray Training’s complaints process. This is provided at their induction, or by contacting the RMT office.

Last Update: 18-Dec-2015