Student Fee Policy


To be eligible for a concession, a student must hold a:

  • Health Care Card; or
  • Pensioner Concession Card; or
  • Veteran Affairs Concession Card.

Other people eligible for concession are prison inmates, detainees, people in remand, and those held in South Australian institutions in connection with the commission of an offence, and extends to children in South Australian detention centres who are beyond the age of compulsory schooling. Eligible students over the age of 16 and who are, or have been, under the guardianship of the Minister of Communities and Social Inclusion on any guardianship order will be eligible for an exemption from a Student Course Fee.

The Card number and Expiry Date must be entered on any relevant Government Funded Training application form(s), and a photocopy of the card provided to us.

The concession reduces the amount payable by the student. The exact amount is dependent on the number of hours in the course, the amount of subsidy paid by the government (where applicable) for the course and River Murray Training’s regular Course fee. Please contact River Murray Training to find out the concession available on a specific course, and the student contribution you will be required to pay.

What does a student fee include?

Individual course information flyers explain what is covered in course fees, including unit cost, and cost for recognition of prior learning (RPL) assessment.  If an RPL application is not successful, then the full unit cost will apply.  GST is not included where an individual is invoiced for course fees.

The course fee is all inclusive of administrative fee ($50), resources and course tuition. There will be no further fees for incidental expenses incurred.

Course fees do not include replacement parchments in the future. This will incur a cost of $33 (includes GST).

Payment options

Students may negotiate a schedule for Student course fees to spread the repayment over the duration of the qualification.  Fees in Advance policy and Refund policy apply. Parchments are not awarded if course fees have not been fully paid.

Fees in Advance Policy

Individual students

Up to $1000 on commencement, then increments of up to $1500 payable quarterly; A unit payment schedule can be negotiated; No GST is applicable.


Invoiced 50% on commencement and 50% halfway through the course, unless an alternative payment schedule negotiated with RMT;
GST additional for businesses where ABN business is invoiced for the training.

River Murray Training reserves the right to vary the fee to clients where any of the following occurs:

  • the trainee is under a Contract of Training
  • the client requests a per day training fee rate
  • the client has negotiated a reduced/higher fee for some reason that reduces/increases the cost of delivery for RMT
  • more than 4 people from the same organisation are enrolling and undertaking the same program, and attend the scheduled group sessions
  • where additional costs are incurred  such as travel and accommodation to deliver a negotiated program for a client

Any fee variation will be negotiated with the client prior to program commencement. Details will be documented in the Financial Arrangements document in their Client Services Agreement.

Last Updated: 18-Dec-2015