Independent Assessment Validation


Benefits of Independent Validation

  • Maintain a compliant validation plan.
  • Outsource and independent Lead Assessor. Our consultants meet the requirements of clause 1.11 regarding current knowledge and skills in vocational teaching and learning and hold the training and assessment qualification required.
  • Record keeping. Our consultant completes the record keeping for the validation meeting including reports of validation outcomes, participants’credentials and suggestions for continuous improvements.
  • Achieve validation goals. Our consultants are experienced moderators that will manage the validation meeting ensuring the schedule is completed according to plan.

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Assessment validation

RTOs are required to perform systematic validations to review their assessment practices.

Under the Standards for RTOs all RTOs must implement a validation plan. The requirements are very prescriptive regarding when, what, who, and how validations will be conducted and how the outcome will be used.

The Standards require RTOs to update procedures and record keeping systems to meet the new clauses 1.9 – 1.11 and enable assessors to participate in systematic validations.

According to ASQA, the main issues identified at audit are:

  • Assessment does not address all requirements of the training product
  • Assessment does not gather sufficient valid assessment when conducted in a workplace
  • Inadequate exposure to workplace conditions, including inappropriate simulated environments
  • Assessment activities conducted without using required resources
  • Lack of practical assessment
  • Issues relating to authenticity of assessment, particularly in distance and online delivery.

Independent validation service

RMT can assist your RTO comply with the requirement to systematically validate assessments. Our validation report is comprehensive and will assist you to improve the compliance and quality of your assessment practices, and provide evidence of your validation activity.

As part of the Independent Validation Service, RMTs Validator will lead your assessment validations for one training product and review the system to be used for validation including:

  • Validation Plan
  • Validation Schedule
  • Validation Record
  • Validation Register

The service consists of two steps:

  • Review of validation process & assessment procedures
  • Validation implementation and report

 Assessment system review

We provide you with advice on templates and forms required to perform the validation, and supporting documents and procedures to assist you to develop and implement your validation plan for the following five years.

During this process, we will assist you to define the training products to be validated, procedures to calculate evidence samples, dates, and logistic details of the validation.

Our validator can provide support to your staff if required to prepare them to participate effectively in a validation meeting, and contribute to their on-going Professional Development obligations.

Validation implementation

A four-hour validation meeting is scheduled and participants provided with validation resources. RMT’s validator will lead the meeting, facilitating discussions, providing independent feedback and ensuring the validation team produces the evidence required for continuous improvement and to demonstrate compliance.

Our Lead Validator completes the Validation Report including the validation outcomes, actions to implement, participants’ credentials and suggestions for continuous improvement.


$1200 – includes:

  • Initial meeting with our validator to discuss your assessment system, and determine the scope of the validation (units of competency and sample size).
  • A checklist of documents required for the validation is sent to the RTO so documents can be made available to validators.
  • On-site consultation and validation meeting.
  • Review, further discussion if required and final report.

Please Note:

  • Assessment validation covers up to two units of competency per training product (course or qualification).
  • Additional costs will apply for travel costs in excess of 50 km.
  • The cost is inclusive of GST. Payment terms are 14 days after the presentation of our invoice.

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