Rights and Responsibilities

The Student shall:

  • Accept all instruction and training as detailed in their individual learning plan to achieve competence
  • Make all reasonable efforts to acquire the skills and knowledge indicated in the training plan and to maintain satisfactory progress
  • Regularly submit any required evidence for assessment, and participation in training
  • Attend any required training with the RTO at its nominated location
  • Comply with statutory requirements relating to the legislation governing students
  • Complete all forms and provide relevant information to the RTO as requested; i.e. Enrolment Form, Training Plan, Assessment Plan and Tasks and Client Satisfaction Survey
  • Complete government mandated quality indicator surveys, and RTO feedback forms when requested by RTO.

River Murray Training shall:

  • Involve relevant workplace personnel in planning workplace programs
  • Provide client (employer and students) with support throughout the course
  • Monitor each student’s progress and in the case of traineeship’s, the support provided by them by workplace personnel
  • Undertake a pre-training review of a student’s core skills. Core skills (learning, reading, oral communication and numeracy) are rated for a qualification, and for units. A student’s core skills level coming into a course is an important determinant of a student’s readiness to undertake a program. Where there are concerns, a student may be counseled on support or pre-course options.
  • Prepare and sign in conjunction with the student and employer (where applicable), an individual learning plan determined by the qualification to be attained and customised (as required and within the rules for customisation of the qualification) for the needs of the student, and employer (where applicable). Units of competency may be contextualised upon agreement of each party.
  • Ensure that all training and assessment is undertaken by appropriately qualified staff in accordance with the requirements of the training plan.
  • For off-job training and assessment have in place a WHS policy and advise the student of the obligations of the policy.
  • Provide upon request by a student, access to their vocational training.
Last Updated: 18-Dec-2015