The Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set is for people who train and assess others within a workplace or RTO. The training and assessment may be accredited or non-accredited, and is commonly used by people required to train and assess against enterprise procedures and nationally endorsed qualifications.

Entry Requirements

There are no explicit entry requirements, but the Standards for RTOs require that people delivering and assessing training have vocational competence at least to the level of the unit being delivered, and current industry skills directly relevant to the training being provided.

NOTE: This course does not qualify you to assess Nationally Accredited units unless you are under a supervision arrangement with a fully qualified vocational trainer.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Candidates with relevant experience may be eligible to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Please contact us prior to enrolment if you believe you fit the criteria for RPL.

Units of Competency

This Skill Set consists of four (4) Nationally Accredited units of competency that meet the requirements of workplace trainers/assessors responsible for in-house task competency assessments:

  • TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction
  • TAEASS401B Plan assessment activities and processes
  • TAEASS402B Assess competence
  • TAEASS403B Participate in assessment validation

These units provide a learning pathway towards the nationally  recognised qualification TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Course Content

  • Providing work skills instruction
  • Planning and organising assessment activities, including RPL
  • Developing simple assessment instruments
  • Assessing competence
  • Participating in assessment validation

Course Delivery

Option 1 - Workshops

Intensive Delivery Workshops, delivered in the enterprise workplace for groups of 4 - 10.

  • Pre-reading, learning and knowledge based activities
  • 2 days face-to-face learning and practical assessment activities - Trainer units *
  • 3 days face-to-face learning and practical assessment activities - Assessor units *
  • Post session assessment work if required

This delivery mode provides accelerated learning to leading hands, supervisors and managers. The learning is broken into chunks, with collaborative facilitator-led work based learning activities. Assessments will be completed both at the workshop and in the workplace.

* Workshops can be separated by 1-2 weeks to suit the enterprise

Option 2 - Facilitated On-Line

This self-managed delivery mode is undertaken at home or in the workplace. All materials can be downloaded in an easy-to-use Microsoft Word format, or are available in Print form. Course requirements are completed over 12 weeks, with a weekly on-line tutorial 1:1 with your facilitator. Additional support is available via phone, email, and our online e-learning centre. The Course Workbooks and evidence is emailed or posted to your facilitator for assessment. 

Course Code

Delivery Mode
1x 2-day workshop + 1x 3-day workshops + on-job skill development

Course Duration
1-12 weeks (flexible)

Available payment options
Workshops $1080
Online $1080
(Fees to be paid on enrolment)

Students will receive a folder with Course Workbooks, Reference Material, and access to RMT's online learning management system.


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